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PINb a b y

How can we already be at the 20 weeks mark?!  Seriously, I can’t believe how quickly this pregnancy is going … at moments, it makes me wonder what I’m doing with my time.  But then I think, “oh yea … I’m pregnant and tired…” then it all begins to make sense!

c a m p i n g

We are going camping this weekend!  Woot woot!  Never do we ever pre-book a campsite out far in advance and we’ve had this one booked since the beginning of March(!).  It feels like a long time coming and I am so pumped!  It was almost exactly a year ago we kicked off the camping season with this trip.  I’ve packed some magazines, watercolors, a puzzle book, and plant books – hoping all of which will help me unwind and relax this weekend!  I love that we now have our own tent trailer this time around!  Speaking of which, I hope to get making our tent trailer curtains and possibly cushion covers this summer … we’ll see how that pans out.

s t a g e s  &  c h a n g e s

Both of these boys seem to be going through a growth spell.  Physically and mentally, they are comprehending new things, out-growing their clothes, and most days, keep me guessing.  I imagine that they will get even closer when baby comes.  It’s just crazy to imagine that they were once just wee things protruding from my belly like their new sibling.

b e i n g  s t i l l

I’ve definitely read the passage, “Be still, and know that I am God…” [psalm 46:10] in my lifetime.  Pretty sure there have been sermons on it, books about it, songs derived from it.  But even though I may have heard something my whole life, not until my heart (again) hears it and let’s it resonate [vproduce or be filled with a deep, reverberating sound] will I actually HEAR it.  Lately, I’ve been intentionally taking time to just. be. still.  It’s hard when I feel like there are a million things I want/need/should accomplish in a day, but there is something worth more than any of that … it starts with an obedient, listening heart.

p r e n a t a l  y o g a

For both previous pregnancies, I tried to arrange a prenatal yoga class for me to get into but timing and scheduling never worked in my favour.  Until today … and I found a class (only at tops 3 kms away) on an evening that we can make work!  Lately, I’m feeling a lot more confident to get out of the house in longer periods without the worry of getting sick everywhere.  Pregnancy is a weird thing!  And it’s going to feel so good to have a class to keep me accountable to stay up on my stretching!

g a r d e n i n g

We haven’t had the chance to get our beds full of flowers and greens yet, but are these boys ever excited to start helping me!  The minute I say I need to water the grass, both munchkins race to get their rubber boots on and they are talking about who gets to hold the spray nozzle first!  They make life so interesting!

s a y i n g  g o o d b y e

Today was the last day our friend Miss Stacy (or ‘Miss Stasia’ as Judah calls her) was here to help us.  She’s been coming once a week for the past 2 or so months to watch the boys while I get some business stuff worked on.  Not going to lie, the arrangement has been absolutely perfect and as much as we are happy for her new opportunities …  we are going to miss her so very much!  You know when you have something perfect going, you just don’t want it to end?  Yea … for us, this is one of those things *sad face for days*.


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