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hello, wide open week.

PINHappy monday friends!  It has been a fun month of May for us as we have been using every ounce of our weekends and enJOYing them.  Yesterday, we just got back from a short 2 night camping trip (pictures to come soon!) and we are definitely feeling refreshed and ready to start this week.  I don’t have a ton on the calendar, which is exactly what me and the boys need … a bit of spontaneity!!  Hopefully with that open schedule we’ll get some stuff done around home here too.

For plans this week, this is what we’ve got:

. get some seeds in our garden (I think the frosty nights are now done away with) and get planter boxes ready for transplanting some strawberries from “Uncle Colten’s” garden

. clean out boys clothes closets – I did mine the other weekend, and was it a job … still not entirely finished

. make some more fruit leather with the fresh rhubarb I got yesterday from a friend

. live like this: “do anything but let it produce joy” – walt whitman

. work on our family yearbook

. go to my me2 mentoring meeting

. see some friends for a coffee/playdate

. i’d like to get my hands on this book as we plan out some weekends this summer

. get out to fish creek park for a walk/picnic or two

. take each moment as it comes … rest!


pic pix: taste of our Kinbrook Island Camping adventure, 23.May.2015, Kinbrook Island Provinical Park, AB

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