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this tuesday / 07

7:04am . wake up … Hunter is calling

7:38am . make french toast with dry bread left over from camping and the single egg left in the fridge (delicious btw)

7:38am . 1st glass of lemonade with mint

8:57am . get shoes on to visit friends

9:06am . text friends we will not be coming due to rash all over Juju’s body *mama cries*

9:07am . kids play till Hunter’s nap while mama tries to figure out what kind of rash this is (with 2nd glass of lemonade with mint)

11:00am . Hunter, down for a nap … Judah, out comes the playdough

12:47pm . playdough gets put away (yes, 1 hour and 45mins[ish] later) after Hunter is quite frightened of the pretend dragon Judah has made out of the playdough

1:28pm . finally get to eating lunch outside (with sprinkles of rain)

1:29pm . sipping on my 3rd glass of lemonade with mint leaves for the day

1:40pm . weed and “work” with boys in the backyard – outfitted with rubber boots, gloves, hats, you name it

2:38pm . kids wiped, Judah already in his bed ready for a nap … nap time!

3:02pm . grab 4th glass of lemonade with mint (officially addicted) and start yet another cryptogram – another current obsession of mine

3:32pm . out cold for my nap

5:15pm . wake up with the boys … Papa’s home!

Though plans were a lot different that what we intended for them to be today, it turned out to be a fantastic Tuesday.  Papa ended up taking the boys out for dinner tonight while I went to my mentoring (ME2) meeting, so it took one more thing off my plate.  Sometimes all you need is something to mix up the plans for the day (and thankfully, Judah’s rash went down and he hasn’t been bothered one bit by it).  I’m gonna say, there are no complaints over here how the day seemingly ‘happened’.

There is one more thing I think I will do though… have another glass of lemonade with mint 🙂

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