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PINYesterday marked four weeks since I’ve gotten sick within this pregnancy … Woohoo!!  I am beyond excited that 1. it’s ended much earlier than the other 2 pregnancies and 2. it’s ended!  Now that it seems I have “more time” to work on things (besides laying on the couch or in bed) I don’t even know what to do when I find a minute to spare.  My ever growing to-do list is always long but prioritizing and procrastination allow me to get in an I’m-busier-than-I-am mindset.  I make goals quarterly, weekly, and daily … but ultimately, I want my biggest goal to be  s l o w i n g  down.  simplifying.

Do any of us know how to NOT be busy any more?

I wonder how people in previous years functioned with these thoughts, if they even had them(!).  In Stone Age days were women trying to redecorate their homes, set up gardens?  What would be a woman’s daily/weekly/quarterly ambitions?  goals?  dreams?  Skipping forward to the 12th Century… I’m sure the common goal was to survive and maybe a woman had her garden and had things to take care of in her home, but what were her aspirations?  Did she feel as swamped as I do some days?
I’m definitely not certain on how or if they even faced these thoughts, but I DO know that there are modern-day applicable key elements that can help focus and overcome overwhelming waves of busy-ness … when I apply them!
1. Being Still – “…be still and know that I am God…” – Psalm 46:10 Taking the time in my day, even when it feels like there are no available 5 minutes to spare, to just sit.  listen.  and meditate … It’s clinically proven that the production of our body’s  stress hormone (cortisol) is decreased and stress much more manageable.
2. Sticking to My Word – If it’s to myself or others, my word needs to truthful to merit me the gain of satisfaction (and/or completion).  With the words I speak/promise, I need to know the weight that they carry and I need to hold myself accountable to either have (1) death or (life) by the tongue (Proverbs 18:21).
3. Identifying Distractions – Dancing around to-do lists all day will not be effective if I can’t pinpoint what is making me “dance” around it and not actually do it.  Often, goals are the only things highlighted and we never get to eliminating interferences – little poisons that eat up our time and drain our energy.
4. Recognizing Living Values – Am I actually living out what is important to me?  I read somewhere, “Does the time you spend echo your values to the world?”.  Discovering how I really spend my time forces me to do a double take in the mirror … does it reflect what my heart wants it to?
How is it that you juggle what you desire to see accomplished in a day?  week?  quarter?
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