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a night-time post.


It’s just me and the baby up right now.  Everyone else is sleeping and I feel like this little one knows that and takes the opportunity to have some one on one mama-time.  Smile.  We had another midwife appointment today and again, everything is looking good health wise for wee babe and I couldn’t be happier.  Heart-rate was in the 150s (higher than his/her brothers’ at this point) and it seems this little one likes the breech position – though it’s so early in the game for it to be in any type of position ready for birth, so I’m not concerned.  It just, again, blows my mind the way that God intended for the human race to have children.  There is someone inside of me right now – how crazy does that sound?!  The more I think on it, the more claustrophobic I feel, so … moving on!

We’ve had a better rhythm to our week compared to lots of weeks, especially since being pregnant.  It’s been good as the first thing we do after eating breakfast is have a quiet time (for 15-20 mins).  I’m finding it gives the sense of accomplishment before we get on with the day and, I’m getting some quiet time to journal and read my Bible – though it’s short, it’s sweet.  What has been tough in this week, is parenting.  It’s definitely kicked me in the butt and I don’t quite understand it (as we’ve been having good starts to the day, not rushing around, etc.) nor can I figure out where it’s coming from.  I guess we’ll always have weeks like this, though I’m trying to learn so that it doesn’t become habit.  Anyways, at some moments this week, I have totally felt like this.

Other newsy-news … we are hoping to go to Idaho again this summer!  Hopefully at the beginning of July, but we will see how some work projects pan out.  There are some serious pros and some serious cons to having your own business(!).  Lately, our goal has been to be working ON the business not so much FOR the business.  It’s a hard concept to put into play as current work never seems to be “done”.  But setting time to cultivate systems and practices will/does make things run a whole lot smoother.  I’m doing a course through heysweetpea this week – mainly focusing on mastering systems within your business.  Excited to get into it!  And hopefully, by working on the business these next few weeks, we’ll still be able to take off on our Idaho adventure, soon!

We head a family camp with our church this weekend, and I’m looking forward to connecting with friends – old and new.  The boys don’t totally know what is up yet, but I am sure they will be beyond ecstatic once they see some of their friends there ALL weekend!  We’ll be spending Father’s Day out there also, so I’ll be needing to have my ducks in a row for that before we leave too … note to self … !!

Anyways, instead of continuing to ramble (which was not the intent here), I’m going to go take a hot bath, and get some decent shut eye before facing tomorrow’s sunshine – oh please, let it be sunny!!  Hope you are all enjoying some rest and will be ready to face the morning.  Bisous, xo

pic pix: sunrise from our 2014 campsite, Aug.2014, Sandpoint, Idaho 

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