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judah’s 3rd birthday weekend.

How can my baby boy I mean, big boy be 3 already?!  Saturday was his actual birthdate and we pretty much took the weekend to celebrate him.  The poor guy woke up with a fever (on his birthday) and wasn’t quite himself.  So while him and Papa slept in a bit, Hunter and I went out early to grab some fresh birthday donuts and fixings for our family birthday party on Sunday.  After we celebrated with our birthday donuts, we ventured to the park (Judah’s request) and played while Papa went and got Judah’s bike wheel fixed so we could give him his first gift – a bike helmet!

My Baba (grandma) had given Judah $20 to spend for his birthday, so off to Toys R Us we went.  After looking around the store, he then chose the very fishing set I had thought to get him as one of his gifts (go figure!).  We had lunch and went down for early naps, as our little 3 year old was still not feeling his peachy self.  After naps we headed down to Annie’s to meet up with some friends for some birthday cake.  Judah still wasn’t doing swell, but it seemed he was at least doing better.  Little did I know he would digress and resort to sitting on my lap, trying to have a happy heart saying things like, “look mama, it’s my birthday.” as he shivered close to me.  It didn’t help that it poured rain the whole time we were out on the wrap around porch … at least we nearly had the place to ourselves(!).  After opening gifts, the piñata and party game was finished, we brought our birthday man home to bed.

Fast forward to the next morning – all in good health – and we were off to church … where Judah would have his first taste of Kid’s Connection (our church’s sunday school) and not be in the nursery.  I may have shed a few tears, just maybe.  After church, we came home and got ready to have a burgers & fries party with both of our families.  Everyone showed up around 4pm and some didn’t leave until 10pm!  Judah was blessed with gifts and love from grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins … I  know he did not want the festivities to end!

I was a complete wreck on Saturday as every time I sat to think about his joy-filled life to this point, I would break into tears.  From the day he was born to singing “our” lullaby on his third birthday eve, there is not one day that I can’t help but celebrating Judah and the life he brings to our lives.  My proud mama-heart was swelling, and I couldn’t stop gushing!

To celebrate you, Judah, is such a joy and we cannot wait to see the man you will one day be.  We love you so, our beamish boy.  Happy happy birthday xo


pic pix: from the birthday weekend, Jun.2013, Annie’s & at home

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