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our [yester]day in pictures.

PINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINYesterday was good.  The weather started off perfectly – cool enough in the morning to drink coffee on the patio, and warm enough with the perfect breeze around lunch to mid afternoon to hang outside.  One of those summer days that are near perfect: weather wise, company wise, food wise(!).  We got up to a bit of this and that, and still were able to see some productivity and fruit from the day.  Simply – a swell day.

1. patio breakfast

2. & 3. lake hangs with friends

4. this little gal is a heart stealer

5. rest time with a book – sleeping, no reading

6. after dinner snack at life group – fries!

7. late night bike rides on my new birthday gift

8. little bit of clean-up

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