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i d a h o

I can’t believe it … we are less than one week away from our departure to go on vacation!  Woo-hoo!!  For the last two weeks, we completely weren’t positive we would be able to go (due to work stuff), but, all is looking good now.  Last year’s trip was so good for us to unwind, rest, TALK, and be unplugged.  I am so looking forward to it!  Now just to tackle that list of to-dos before we go …

h a i r  c u t 

It’s been a while since I chopped my hair, and last week – I did it again!  Loving the new change and how easy it is to handle (so far).  I’ve walked by the mirror and had to do a double take as I didn’t recognize myself … it’s nice to change it up.

p a r e n t i n g

The other day, I was talking with my sister-in-law and she gave some good advice … (paraphrased) “When your kids misbehave or do not act how you could ever imagine how they would act, don’t take it personally or relay how it “felt” personally …”  I think I mentioned last week how attitudes were out of the norm.  Well, this week, it wasn’t much different and I definitely was dealing with things from an emotional stand point.  Her words couldn’t have come at a greater time.  I’m doing my darndest to keep my reactions soft, even, and not taking it personal.  Had I never heard that, I’m not sure I could’ve pinpointed exactly what my responses were stemming from.

b i r t h d a y  t i m e

Last friday was my birthday and as our church family camp was the starting that night, we didn’t have a “celebration” per say (though I felt very celebrated that day!).  Last night, Matt and I were able to get out and have dinner, go for a drive, and dream.  My, that felt so good!  A great way to look forward into the new year and be excited about new things together.  Best kind of birthday gift.  I’m also enjoying all the joy rides I’ve been able to go on with my other birthday gift – a new (actually old) bike.  It’s more like a cruiser bike and will be nice for cruisin’ around in the city.  I.  Love.  It.

l a u n d r y  

If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ll know the household chore that I seem to have the most difficulty with is laundry.  I go through spells where I’m on top of it, then others, well, let’s just say the top of the laundry pile is too high to see over (eep!).  Because it’s been so nice outside, I’ve been drying most of the laundry outside and somehow, it makes me want to get the next load in right away!  Firstly, it dries in less than a half hour – so I’m saving money AND time.  Secondly, the laundry smells so good!  And thirdly, aesthetically, it’s pleasing to see the textures of fabrics flowing in the breeze.  Almost nostalgic-like, as if I were from another time.  Anyways, it’s helping me get through my laundry better these days!

m y  b o y s

As I’ve mentioned, it’s been a test on my patience to be mama lately.  But still in the midst of things, every day, they are my sunshine.  We went for ice cream a couple times this past week (as it’s been SO very hot out!), and their cheeky little faces gave us the giggles.  It’s crazy how I only get to be at this stage with them once, yet at some moments, I don’t see the big picture and just want the present sour behavioural season to pass.  How much I would miss if that could actually happen and how much I DO miss by not seeing that bigger picture … is something to think about and adjust my thinking towards.

b e a u t y

With another June rolling around, the peonies have shown themselves and I’m in love – again.  It’s probably because they always bloom around my birthday, but seriously, I think they are the most beautiful flower.  Every morning, me and the boys have been checking our peony bushes and counting the ants, waiting for the late bloomers to open.  The simplicity in the excitement and opening petals brings a new beauty of awe.  “Flowers whisper ‘Beauty’ to the world, even as they fade, wilt, fall…” – Dr. SunWolf

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  • July 1, 2015 - 5:32 pm

    Calista - Oh, my gosh! You look great with your new do! Such a beauty, whether you have long hair or short. I can’t wait to see your Idaho pictures! Enjoy your vacation 🙂ReplyCancel

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