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hello, summery week.

PINI’m so happy to be home.  Home really is the nicest word there is (thanks Laura Ingalls Wilder).  When we get away, I feel like it gives me a new appreciation for the home/comforts/setup we have.  Responsibilities don’t seem so daunting but more rhythmic and welcoming.  This week, I have all intentions of soaking in summer … around home.

. laundry catch-up – monday is the day for that

. going for coffee to this little coffee/market joint one day this week

. catching up some visiting days with friends – Judah will be so happy! he misses his friends (so I’ve heard daily from him since we left for idaho!)

. have some bloodwork and a midwife appointment – how can we be 29 weeks along already, little one?

. connecting with my me2 girls from this past year for a gourmet pizza night (my mouth is watering as I type this)

. get some more reading in

. hopefully get a thrifting time in … I’m on the lookout for some more unique outdoor chairs.  but of course, when you are on the hunt for something, that is never what you end up finding!

. finishing up some thank you cards

. making something similar to this with the rhubarb from our neighbor

. possibly heading to some live music and having a picnic one night … we’ll see!


With whatever this week ends up holding for you, I hope you view it with a refreshed perspective and excitement!


pic pix: the boys all spiffed up for the wedding this last weekend – they are SO cute! 18.Jul.2015, at home

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