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what will it be …

PINMore than EVER … I can’t wait to know what the gender of this little one is!  Being pregnant with the boys, I could imagine how things would go if we ended up having a boy or a girl.  With this babe, it seems so unknown, whoever this wee child is, and I can’t imagine how our family will look either way!

Judah seems to think it’s a boy and hasn’t changed his guess since he found out we were having another.  When I was preggers with the boys, it was my initial thought that “We’re having a boy“.  I thought the same thing with this one, but do not feel as confident (whereas with the boys, I was 90% sure).  Three other couples we know and hang out with, have had: 2 boys then a girl.  And all within the last year (and 2 months).  Now maybe there is something in the water and this is a girl – WHO KNOWS?!  I’ve heard so many people say that the third one is the wildcard … thanks guys.  I am now really wondering who this little one is!

I keep getting asked, Is this pregnancy different?  Are you carrying the same?  Is your skin different?  All those questions make me question, “Do they think it’s a girl or boy?!”.  And again, obviously, it’s consuming me more this time around!  Everytime I talk with my sister friends, strangers, the questions come, how can I not be thinking about this??  I have three other friends due around the Feb/Mar timeframe … 2 of the 3 are finding out the gender which means, they will be finding out what they are having BEFORE this one’s even born – ha!!

I am so glad that we are waiting to know (for the long game) and am pleased that we waiting with the boys.  Maybe if both Matt and I want to find out for another one, I’ll be ok to find out before baby arrives, but I don’t likely think that will happen.  The surprise of finding out who Judah and Hunter were, the moment we first got to see them, makes all this guessing/waiting/dying-to-know worth it.  But it doesn’t not make me think about it all. the. time.

It’s wild to think that in 8 weeks, you could be joining us at any time (as I’ll then be 37 weeks along).  Whoever you are, baby, we are excited to meet you and can’t wait to have you in our arms!

Do any of you have any strong guesses?!


pic pix: wee wondering pinecones, Jul.2015, our backyard

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  • July 24, 2015 - 6:14 pm

    Candace - Ha! I guess we’re the odd ones out. I don’t know why I’m dying to know for yours more than I am for mine!ReplyCancel

    • July 27, 2015 - 3:04 pm

      sarah nadine - we are the “odd” ones! ha … crazy how many people find out ahead of time. i think because ours is coming sooner, i NEED to know! once we know, i will be itching to know who your little one is all the more 🙂


  • July 26, 2015 - 12:44 pm

    Allison - I too am dying to know what you are having! A girl would be fun and different, but you are great at raising boys. Either way this baby is going to be loved! XoxoxoReplyCancel

    • July 27, 2015 - 3:05 pm

      sarah nadine - you are sweet, dear friend! we will know soon enough and i’m really trying to not let it eat away at me … gah!! i agree though, whoever little one is, it will definitely have some loving to get used to <3


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