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hello, exciting week.

PINThis week some very good friends of ours are getting married!!  Matt and Judah are in the wedding party and even though it’s not our wedding, I feel like we should have the week off of all other duties to get ready for the wedding!  And since we’re on the topic of weddings, why do weddings only last for one full day?  With the amount of work put into it, the event should last a week and those involved should have a week “off” too wink wink.

Besides the wedding, these are some plans we have this week:

. we have a cousin date this week – today, Judah asked me if it was “today” about 5 times. they are coming over on thursday
. we are on the hunt for some dress shoes for Judah something like one of these 1 | 2 | 3
. today we picked up some paint for the boys’ new bed and our living room wall.  foreseeing some late nights ahead.
. speaking of late nights, we moved the boys into the same room tonight and … so far so good!
. nesting has definitely taken root – will continue to pin pin pin!
. we have a company baseball game again this week … looking forward to another night I don’t have to make dinner (ha!) and of course, watching the game(!).
. got some birthdays this week (my mom’s and bro-in-laws), we have some shopping to do!


pic pix: the boys’ first night sharing a room – Hunter has taken Judah’s blankets! 27.Jul.2015, at home

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