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Monthly Archives: August 2015

hello, open-ended week.

Our plans this week were initially to get ready to go camping this long weekend … and regretfully, we never booked a campsite <face palm>.  So, right now, it’s looking like we will

colorboard / no.40

color: blush and olive green word of inspiration: familiarly fresh source of word: For me, anything with olive green brings on nostalgia.  With all it’s cozy, crisp, fresh, familiar

sleep schedule.

I remember at this stage of the pregnancy with Hunter, I was in need of some type of bed-time routine.  I’d take a 10-20 min. shower – in the complete dark.  And then, I’d lay on

thoughts. things.

Over here, lately, there’s been much going on.  So much so … I think I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.  More of a “things” post, as opposed to

hello, intentional week.

No … that does not say “international week” how I so wish it did!  Oddly, I’ve been feeling the wanderlust in amongst my nesting/stay-at-home feelings.  It’s so weird

hello, blithesome week.

It’s been super nice to have our cousin here this week … I’m feeling carefree with the schedule and with some of the plans we’ve talked about, it’s looking like

colorboard / no.39

color: black & white (with textures galore!) word of inspiration: BLOGLOVIN’ & because, this combo is one of my favorites source of word: A couple years ago, I joined BLOGLOVIN‘

hello, dog days week.

In the loft apartment I lived in above my café, there was one tall wall that I wanted to paint with some impact.  The color I found was called dog days and I loved it so much … so much so, that

our [last] weekend in pictures.

As I probably mentioned more than once over here, some special friends got married over the weekend.  It’s crazy View full post »

what july taught me.

As much as I like to look at a month and project what my goals and plans are, I also like to recap and remember what a month enlightened me with (I think I am addicted to documenting things!).

asking to receive.

Just over a month ago, in peony season here, I was gushing over my neighbour’s peony bushes every time I was outside, driving up to the house, thinking about peonies – you catch my drift.