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our [last] weekend in pictures.

PINAs I probably mentioned more than once over here, some special friends got married over the weekend.  It’s crazy how much even having small parts in their day reminded me/brought me back to our wedding.  Planning, executing, feeling the rush of emotions … it was all coming back!  The program was unique compared to most weddings – ceremony was at 10:30am and brunch was directly after.  It was a classy set-up, just like the pair of lovebirds we got to celebrate.


More blurry than I’d like it to be, but doesn’t this picture look like it was taken in another era?!

The day was longer, having the kids to entertain by myself (Matt also was in the wedding party).  But really, the weather and setting was gorgeous, being there to witness such a special event was an honor – I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else – the company (some which I hadn’t seen for a very long time!) was relaxed and enjoyable … the day was a perfect celebration day.  Congratulations, Jon & Amy!


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