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what july taught me.

PINAs much as I like to look at a month and project what my goals and plans are, I also like to recap and remember what a month enlightened me with (I think I am addicted to documenting things!).  Here’s a mish-mash of July’s discoveries …

1. Long Alberta evenings make going to bed at a decent time nearly impossible.  I don’t know the last time I went to bed before 11pm (ok, I do … but that happened in August!).

2. Vacations are really, much too short.  Take me back!  And going with my guys – it made it the best.

3. You can never drink too much water – especially mint water.

4. Trying to keep a schedule in summer is very hard.  For example, I don’t think we have had a “regular” grocery run since June.

5. Fans (quiet ceiling fans, mind you) are the bomb.  If we ever move, I will be taking the one in our bedroom with us.

6. You can never, I repeat, NEVER have too much ice cream in the summer.

7.  Essie nail polish is the only brand for me … attempts to try other brands have not worked in my favor.

8. Having your child be part of a wedding is more work (and stress) than I realized … I feel like I need to re-thank all those people who helped with our wedding.  Especially those with kids (thank you thank you!).

9.  Tornado scares are so unnerving – a given, I know.  I’ve been checking the weather now more consistently to have a better pulse on what’s going on.

10.  When I need to remember something, I need to write it down.  Too often lately, I have been forgetting some important information/tasks that I needed to have done.  Through this, I’m also here to attest that God’s grace is real and working in my life(!).


pic pix: some new signage to remind us to “live now”, Aug.2015, at home

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