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hello, dog days week.

PINIn the loft apartment I lived in above my café, there was one tall wall that I wanted to paint with some impact.  The color I found was called dog days and I loved it so much … so much so, that I found a similar color to paint our one big wall in our now house.  All this to say, I never knew what a “dog day” was until I picked that wall color so many years ago.  Dog days – nounhottest period of the year or a period of inactivity or sluggishness.  Ha!  It’s been both of those meanings lately … so very warm and VERY inactive!  I’m hoping by setting some small, bite-size goals, I’ll be able to enjoy this estival season – sluggish or not!


. wanting to get to the library for some summer reads (and cool air conditioning!).

. we plan to have some mama-son/papa-son date nights this week – I can’t wait!

. my cousin is coming into town this week, it’ll be SO exciting to have her here.

. we purchased a trundle bed for the boys to share.  I started painting it last week, maybe I’ll be able to get some more of it done this week.

. booster juice makes this delicious watermelon smoothie … I need to figure out what is in it so that I can replicate it at home (I’m seriously addicted!).  if I figure it out, I’ll share.

. coming up this sunday night, our church is putting on an outdoor concert (we call them ‘Showcases’ – see 2:44 of this announcement clip).  part of the music team, I’ll be joining in with some music (eep!).  if you’re in calgary, you should come down!

. more baby prep – mainly organizing clothes and shifting room stuff around.  might require a morning trip to Ikea 🙂

. seeing friends/visiting is always something we like to do in a week.  we’ll get to see some of our friends at Matt’s soft-ball game Tuesday night.

. (a total time waster) but something that has been pretty fun since I downloaded the app (Friday), is QuizUp.  if you download it, my name is sarahnadine … I’m liking the word games(!!).

Wherever you’re at and whatever you get up to, hope this week finds you enjoying these dog days …


pic pix: life in a pot, 10.Jul.2015, potted garden at home

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