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colorboard / no.39


color: black & white (with textures galore!)

word of inspiration: BLOGLOVIN’ & because, this combo is one of my favorites

source of word: A couple years ago, I joined BLOGLOVIN‘ to organize the way I follow blogs better.  Since joining, I have found even more blogs that I love to read and gather of inspiration from.  Anyways, they are doing their “BLOGLOVIN Awards” right now (vote on your favorite blogs here) and I’ve been thinking about how cool of a community it is that they’ve created … by simply connecting blogs readers/followers together.  I love that, just how I love black and white with textures galore – hence, this colorboard.
/1.  i’ve told judah i’d like this for christmas, and he took it to heart – so much so that he told matt, ha!  /2. really like this fireplace  /3. stylish toothbrush  /4. over-the-moon over this wee game  /5. got this print for the nursery, may use it elsewhere though, i don’t know yet!  /6. i think this nursing cover is going to be AWESOME!  i just got mine in the mail the other day.  /7. pillows, poufs, pass them all this way.  /8. black and white interiors are currently a love/obsession/inspiration.  everything about it feels so clean!  /9. it seems these shoes aren’t available anymore, but i still can’t help but love them  /10. one can never have too many tumblers  /11. the round beach towel/blanket has been seen all over the internet, and usually, i’m not one to jump on the bandwagon over fads, but this is too loveable not to want.  /12.  can’t wait for fall to bring this sweet hat out again  /13. loving this, much too much
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