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hello, blithesome week.

PINIt’s been super nice to have our cousin here this week … I’m feeling carefree with the schedule and with some of the plans we’ve talked about, it’s looking like easy-going, touristy like adventures on the horizon.  Some family took her to see Banff over the weekend and we’re hoping to get as much mountain time in as possible before she leaves.  Regular rhythm will most likely be out the window for this week … but here’s hoping we’ll get to some of these goals along the way.

. we get to see my uncle and aunt at their bed & breakfast – I am in day-dreaming heaven every time we go there.

. i’m almost done painting the boys’ bed then we’ll just have a few more items to complete for their room to have a more complete feel to it (shelves up, clothes organized, etc.)

. some friends are moving back to the U.S. at the end of the month.  there is going to be a send off party this week – it’s so bitter sweet as i’m happy for them to be returning home, but will miss their weekly friendship.

. the boys got some new bedding, and because they love it so much, bed time has been such a merry time.  hoping this trend does not wear off(!).

. the plan is to get out to Spray Lakes – can’t wait as that mountain air is calling my name.

. we’ve been watching ‘Damages‘ on Netflix … probably watch another episode or two.

. i also want to get to one of my favorite shops while my cousin is here.

. we’re getting closer and closer to this baby’s due date … i need to get all my to-do lists finalized (eep!!).


pic pix: throwback to last year’s photo shoot with Sherah, Jul.2014, Bebo Grove, AB

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