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hello, intentional week.

PINNo … that does not say “international week” how I so wish it did!  Oddly, I’ve been feeling the wanderlust in amongst my nesting/stay-at-home feelings.  It’s so weird what hormones can cause you to feel!  Ha!  That said, we will be staying near home this week and I am hoping we can start easing back into our daily rhythm as routine and consistency is needed at home especially when everything else in our world is kicking back into gear (back-to-school stuff, programs, events, you know what I mean!).  I’ve always got a list for something, and here’s a few samplings of what we have on the go for the this upcoming week …

. my main priority is to get the boys’ bed FINISHED!  last week did not merit the time i thought i would have.

. when their bed is finished, i hope to complete setting up the room itself – i’m usually a realist, but this is more of an idealist thought.

. planning to camp the long weekend … just have to find a campsite with space this week!  hoping to go here again, wish us luck.

. another mid-wife appointment.  baby is already 33 weeks!

. another soft-ball game to watch this tuesday eve 1| 2

. i’m tempted/really thinking to buy this subscription for myself – have you ever bought something like this?!

. want to get out to take some shots on my camera this week.  it really has been too long.

. cleaning house: i’m in a purging mood, this is good.

. i’ve been getting my head in the game for planning pre-school stuff (as i assume once baby is here, i will not have the same time to lay out stuff for judah).


Wherever this week has you/takes you … may it be full of sunshine!  p.s. I like this!

pic pix: on the hammock this morning, 24.Aug.2015, at home

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