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colorboard / no.40

PINcolor: blush and olive green

word of inspiration: familiarly fresh

source of word: For me, anything with olive green brings on nostalgia.  With all it’s cozy, crisp, fresh, familiar attributes, autumn is a season I romanticize and (probably) get the most inspired in.  The combination of these colors also reminds me of spring, but feels much too wistful to be shared in any other season except fall.
/1. judah looked at the board and said, “maybe it needs a toy, mom.”  so here is a vintage toy for you, my son.  /2. i guess these also come in olive green(!)  /3. hair comb  /4. like this color for these chairs  /5. this is one of my favorite jewellers (if you didn’t already know!). this necklace here is in bronze.  /6. site says this is only $13.99!  love it.  /7. ahhh, refreshing.  /8. give me ALL the vintage pink glass, please.  /9. these will never get old.  /10. i’ve tried other products of theirs … this scent intrigues me.  /11. after baby is born, i’m buying me a pair, this color  /12. rifle paper co. just gets what i like  /13. swooning over these rose gold beauties
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