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hello, open-ended week.

PINOur plans this week were initially to get ready to go camping this long weekend … and regretfully, we never booked a campsite <face palm>.  So, right now, it’s looking like we will not be camping this weekend but sticking around home here to get ready for this baby’s arrival!  If he/she comes early, hopefully we can get out at least one more time before the snow falls.  Hopefully … !!  As for other plans this week:

. baby laundry – gotta get it ready as well as my hospital bag(!!).  did any of you use a special detergent for baby clothes?  I never have but am curious to know how popular that is.

. finishing up some summer reads … I need more time carved out to put my swollen feet up and reading is the perfect time filler.

. I’ve been getting a weekly massage from a good friend (which has been heavenly!) and will get another one on Tuesday.  If you live in the Calgary area, and need a mobile masseuse, you need to call this gal.

. on the topic of taking care of myself, gotta get in with the chiro soon …

. …and get to bed early!

. got a picnic planned for one day this week.  keeping my fingers crossed we will have some great weather for it. p.s. some cute picnic baskets over here

. we are due for another library visit.  any good suggestions for adult/kid fiction??

. planning a cafe morning with the boys this week.  not sure where we’ll go, maybe one of these places 1 | 2 | 3 |

. taking note and planning some autumn garden clean up days in the weeks to come (some tips here).  not sure if I’ll plant bulbs again, as last year’s didn’t bloom as much as I anticipated they would.

. maybe go to a drop in yoga class.

. some food for thought this week, “You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily.  The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” – John C. Maxwell (free printable of quote over here)

Wherever the wind takes you this week, may it be a happy one!


pic pix: morning views from the couch, 31.Aug.2015, at home

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