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Monthly Archives: September 2015

interrupting this silence …

Hello, friends! It’s been quiet over here for a this past bit, and no (sad face) that does not mean I’ve had the baby yet!  We are 38 weeks along – literally, nearing the end and

hello, occupied week.

Good bye white pants (it is after labor day, ya know!) … hello cozy knits!  After the coolness of this weekend, I certainly feel that autumn is here, fully.  On instagram, I saw lots of people

revamp inspiration.

Like I mentioned previously, nesting is in full force over here and I’ve been list-making like crazy to figure out what is 1. absolutely necessary to get done and 2. what is priority to get

six essential oil diys

Essential oils have definitely taken root as a part of everyday, over here.  Though there are so many different things to do with oils, here’s a small round up of a few DIYs I’d like to

what august taught me.

Here’s (only) 10 ten of the things I’ve been learning this past month … View full post »