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what august taught me.

PINHere’s (only) 10 ten of the things I’ve been learning this past month …

1. It takes way longer to finish a project with these two little boys.  The bed I intended to already have finished is still ALMOST finished.

2. Having out-of-town guests is a great way to re-love the place you live.  We loved having our cousin Farrah here!

3. There was so much smoke up here from the Washington fires … clean air is something I never want to take for granted again.

4. If you haven’t picked up on it already, I LOVE the essential oil cedarwood, very much so. Oh, and I’m also loving the fact that I can use my oils again (pregnancy nausea let only peppermint agree with me for a few months there).

5. It’s no secret, I am not the greatest at following through with the final stage of a project.  This month I’ve been really trying to change that and stop the procrastination (like putting away piles I’ve set aside for “later”, etc.).  The quote I shared the other day is going to be the biggest key in helping change that.

6. Life is short, just buy all the clothes from H&M (eep! says Matt).  Ok, maybe not all the clothes, but … ya know.

7. I’ve rekindled my love for waking up before the boys to (6am) to just plow through an hour of work (business/house/personal).  I’m sure it won’t last long as we’ll soon have a newborn but I’ll take it while it’s here.

8. The Italian Centre impressed me with the best americano this month.

9. Not working on my computer past a certain time <ahem, bedtime> allows for less typos/better emails/more thought through posts … a trend I hope that will continue for more than just this month.

10. I have the darlingest husband in the world … suggesting I get a massage a week (and throwing a pedicure in there for good measure) – only one of the many reasons I love him so.


pic pix: a cute little place for coffee, Jul.2015, Sandpoint, ID

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