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Like I mentioned previously, nesting is in full force over here and I’ve been list-making like crazy to figure out what is 1. absolutely necessary to get done and 2. what is priority to get done to our house before baby arrives.  I’ve already started on a few projects and am not sure if my energy will sustain the register of other projects I want to tackle!  I plan to (once again) keep the baby room simple and minimal, but still have a few personal touches I have yet to add.  Our backyard is still under “renovation” since we built the shop and the boys’ room is something that will be ongoing but I’d like to have more continuity to…and seriously, the list goes on < sarah gives her big eyes face >.

Though these pictures are not all pertaining to the projects on hand, they are mega-inspiring … and oh, mint and white.PIN

/1. kitchen  /2. living room /3. enclosed porch /4. bathroom

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