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PINHello, friends!

It’s been quiet over here for a this past bit, and no (sad face) that does not mean I’ve had the baby yet!  We are 38 weeks along – literally, nearing the end and one of these next posts will have a sweet babe to prove it!  Until then, a bit of what’s our lives have looked like the past few weeks …

It’s been hard to be “non-emotional” about everything … and it’s better that I haven’t published some of those thoughts here(!).  We’ve had a busy few weeks of wrapping up commitments and projects then this past week, the boys have been fighting some colds.  Thankfully, the essential oils have kept things pretty minor, but my body has also been fighting this cold and all week … we’ve been tired.

Our house was under some exterior renovation last week as we got some new roofing and half of our house got sided (as the other half is stucco, still awaiting paint).  I would say it got a makeover, but for the moment, it looks a bit mishmash as the siding and old paint color do not match!  We also built a second shed that now has a healthy stack of wood sitting in it for upcoming cozy fires.  I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, there is just something about the look/smell/feel of burning wood to keep you warm … I’m smiling thinking about it!

Weekends have been a bit slower paced over here, as our commitments have tapered down substantially.  Country drives, motorcross events, friends, fires, farmers markets … it’s been good.  I love when the weekend ACTUALLY feels like the weekend and you are able to rest.  Slowing down has really been good to us and I hope to keep it that way for a while.

I actually think we may be ready for baby to be here(!).  Ha!  I’ve definitely felt that way for a while now, but “things” are starting to feel in order and I only have day-to-day stuff to keep up on.  I’ve washed all the windows I can reach, cleaned all the baseboards, re-organized the closets … you know, all the important things the baby needs done before he/she can arrive.  I tell you, nesting took me by surprise this time!  It’s good though … my house feels great!  Now to keep it this way …

My aunt has been here for the past few weeks visiting from Ontario.  We haven’t seen her every day, but have been able to get outside with her for walks a few times and the boys are making some special memories with her – which is so cool to witness!  Every time she comes, she makes perohe (perogies) and they are SO GOOD.  We’ve had them probably for 3 or 4 meals since she’s been here, and I seriously can’t get enough!  We may even get to making some this week – we’ll see.

The boys have seemed so grown up lately, I can’t get over it.  Hunter is putting more and more words together and to hear his humor, cracks us all up!  The things he remembers and interjects into conversation could not be more timely … I love love love watching his personality unfold.  Judah remembers things in a different way and comes up with the funniest questions.  Like today, “Mom, who is your mother-in-law?” … seriously, don’t know how he comes up with stuff.  He thrives on accomplishing tasks every day – helping me with jobs, preschool activities, contraptions he creates – he blows me away with his smarts already.  I am so blessed to be their mama, seriously.

As fall is in high gear here, the leaves, trees, and everything you please is just beautiful.  I gush about autumn every year … and probably will til the day I die.  Everything seems that much more nostalgic, cozy, and sentimental.  Like the walk we took today … PINPINPINPINPINPINI trust that you all have been keeping well and hope to be back here again soon with some exciting news(!).  Happy weeks to you all!


pic pix: family time, today, Fish Creek Park, AB

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