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what october taught me.

PINMy compilation of *only* 10 things I learnt through the month of October …

1. My family and “friends that are pretty much family” are the absolute best!  We had meals brought to us for 3 weeks, visitors/helpers by pretty much at my beck and call, and so so SO much love showered over us as we’ve been transitioning into being a family of 5.  I am utterly blessed.

2. I have a thing for being barefoot – as in, I wish I could always be barefoot.  BUT … I do love a new pair of knit socks almost as much.  Confusing, I know(!).

3. Since having Israel, all I’ve wanted to do is purge!  Maybe the energy is coming from feeling like a super-woman because I just delivered a baby (cuz believe me, this sentimentalist has a lot to purge).  Purging and having this urgency that everything should be more organized – bring on the baskets.

4. It’s nothing new … I love taking baths.  Somehow in October, I was able to take more.  Sometimes multiple ones in a day.  Epsom salts and essential oils – the bomb.

5. Our bodies are simply amazing.  Birthing a child and then recovering – wow!

6. I must give off the “I love cinnamon buns” vibe.  We’ve been given cinnamon buns or a cinnamon bun dessert 4 times this month.  Seriously though, I love me some cinnamon buns!

7. Being the mama to boys is the best.  I liked reading this.

8. We’re realizing more and more of our desire to move out of the city … especially after looking at some potential acreages!

9. Now, being the only girl in the house, I feel all the more need to be hold to my feminine regime.  I’ve been loving color on my nails lately.

10. My addictive nature has once again risen to the surface – I found a show to ‘binge-watch’ … Parenthood and myself have had daily afternoon dates.


pic pix: my lil cowboys (and how awesome has our weather been lately?!), Oct.2015, our ‘family park’ as Judah calls it – Calgary, AB

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