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colorboard / no.41


color: persimmon

word of inspiration: relationship

source of word: Growing up, I never had tasted a persimmon, let alone even knew it existed!  There is a chance I could’ve tried it without knowing what it was, but nothing that I can remember.  Then, hanging over at a friends place in my college-age days, he made us all dinner and made the most delicious (and mysterious to me) persimmons.  I’m not even sure how he prepared them, but what I do remember is that very first time I tried a one.  Now, every time I see them, eat them, or even just think about them, I am flooded with memories of our friends-that-are-like-family dinners … a good association, I’d say.
/1. love me a blousy blouse like this one  /2. how cool is this towel set?  /3. i’ll take one of these for the pantry, please  /4. i’ve used the sea salts of this desert tulip flavor, and am quite positive i would love the soap also  /5. all the autumn colors  /6. this mug!  /7. now to only find these chairs …  /8. this is one of the coolest smeg fridge colors i’ve seen – i think i’m a bit obsessed with finding it for my house now  /9. pump up the persimmon  /10. combination of colors is perfect for my skin tone and i’m sure this ring belongs on my finger(!)
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