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Monthly Archives: December 2015

from our home to yours …

Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noël!! Enjoy the special memories about to occur, the yummy treats ready to consume, and every moment this season of celebrating Jesus’ birth holds.  From ours to yours,

hello, yay it’s christmas week!

I cannot believe we are finally here … the week of Christmas!  Almost all my gifts are wrapped (pretty good for me, as it’s usually not done until Christmas Eve) and I only have one gift

happy weekend.

CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE! Only slightly excited about this!  Having the boys be so excited about the little things – like snow! – makes me love celebrating this season even more.

our {as of late} in pictures.

1. how is this little guy looking so old these days?! 2. my guys. 3. ‘yukon’ laugh at this picture, as there really is no other point except to show what kind of truck we have. 4. tree

this tuesday / 09

It’s really quite humorous how silly days can get away on you.  If I had a deadline to meet today, it just wouldn’t have happened.  It took us til nearly 11:3o this morning to get

kitchen inspiration.

We’ve been talking about updating our kitchen recently and lately, houzz and pinterest have me on a craze to find the coolest kitchen inspirations.  There are so many sweet styles and

little things like red nails.

Like I mentioned back here, I’ve been holding onto the reins of “girly” things that I do even tighter now that our house is full of men/men in training.  Once Friday night hits, I

what november taught me …

There’s always lots to learn … about myself!  Here’s a recap of the few things obvious to me this month … View full post »

one month …

Like the other two boys, I *tried* to do a month-by-month update with how they were doing/progressing/learning/growing.  Try as I may, some months, I missed, others I didn’t document as much as

a dash.

Fifteen minutes. Can I write something, in fifteen minutes?  I ask myself before sitting down to write this.  Any alone time these days has to be utilized for showering/bathing and using the