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PINLike the other two boys, I *tried* to do a month-by-month update with how they were doing/progressing/learning/growing.  Try as I may, some months, I missed, others I didn’t document as much as I wanted, and yet others, I was able to fully encapsulate into a post.  Who knows how Israel’s documentation will go, but here’s a start!

PINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINBoy, oh, boy … these last five weeks have been the craziest weeks of my life.  Which means, I’ve had a crazy life so far!  It’s maybe not the crazy you’re thinking, just a bunch of new things since leaving my “womb”.  The voices I kept hearing are a lot louder now and closer.  And I thought “a kiss” was just a word.  Now, I’m being covered in them everyday from not only mama + papa but my BIG brothers as well.  They love me so much!  So much, that they even want to change my dirty diapers!!  I am one lucky guy and feel quite safe (and don’t cry) when they’re around.

For short, I’ve been called Isra, Squishy, “This Guy”, and Rootin-tootin Cowboy to name a few.  Papa and Mama also sometimes call me Judah or Hunter … I think they need to get more sleep!

Even though I can’t walk yet, I’ve been trying to let all these guys know that I may be the earliest walker in this family yet!  I love standing (already!) and Mama always says if I keep up with my sleeping, I’ll probably be taller than my brothers too with how much growing has been going on.  I guess they weren’t the types to sleep all the time like other newborns.  Me, I love my sleep and I think my parents are pretty happy about that. 

I love my bedtime routine.  First I take a bath.  Then I talk with Mama & Papa and listen to who they think I look like or what color my eyes will be (Mama thinks green!).  Usually while we are talking, Mama rubs my feet and I LOVE that.  It’s so funny the things that my parents get excited about … like the fact that I like a soother(!).  That usually comes next in line and before you know it, I am sleeping.  Sometimes even before bath time, I get to snuggle with Papa and watch some hockey while my big brothers are sleeping.  I stay especially quiet at these times so they don’t get jealous.

One of our excursions as a family of 5 was to the zoo.  And though, I slept the whole time and really didn’t “see” anything, I’m proud to say that I’ve been there and done that … already!  I’ve also taken many drives (Mama & Papa love those), been to my grandparents quite a few times, been to church, and a few play dates here and there.  To say the least, I’ve seen a new thing or two!

I’m sure there are more adventures about to be had and I am pumped that I am on this side to finally enjoy them all!


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