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what november taught me …

PINThere’s always lots to learn … about myself!  Here’s a recap of the few things obvious to me this month …

1. Nothing new, but again reminded of how much I love fireplaces!  Indoor, outdoor, around a door, I just love a fire in a fireplace.  It makes me sad when I see ours still out of commission (the previous owners roofed over the chimney?  Why, I do not know.)

2. Coffee is something that I love part of my daily life.  For nearly the whole month, I stayed away from coffee in efforts to figure out what was causing Israel to be more cranky.  Coffee won in the end … it makes me more cranky to be without it than it makes him to have it.

3. That said about coffee … affogatos are one of my love languages.

4. I really, really, really do not like making ‘errand like’ phone calls.  I procrastinate making them, putting them off for too long that it is embarrassing to call.

5. I’ve become one of the neighbourhood ‘watchers’.  You know, those people that are at home most every day that find a thrill in watching what happens on their street and can’t wait to tell their husband about it when he gets home?  Yea, that’s me…

6. Using a bit of this-n-that baking works sometimes, but not all the time.  Don’t worry, if you came over I wouldn’t serve something “un-tried” to you.

7. I think I am ready to start Christmas decorating the week before December 1st … this year I should’ve, but didn’t.

8. My boys are the absolute best.  Crazy as it may get some days, they are seriously amazing.  #ialreadyknewthisbuthadtomentionit

9. Pinterest is not an addiction, it’s just part of my bedtime routine.

10. I really do think this is true … (regarding essential oils) the smells you do not like are usually the ones that you need.  I used to plug my nose putting frankincense on, now, it is one of my favorite scents that I can’t get enough of!


pic pix: “sour milk”, 25.Nov.2015, at home

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