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little things like red nails.

PINLike I mentioned back here, I’ve been holding onto the reins of “girly” things that I do even tighter now that our house is full of men/men in training.  Once Friday night hits, I look down and see that my nails need some attention … then boom … here I am sitting at 2:00 in the morning waiting for them to dry!  Not the smartest of habits, but hey, I have been getting my nails painted.  This week’s nail color choice – russian roulette red.

Painting my nails has not been the only reason I’ve had some late nights here.  Of course, Mr. Israel has his mid-night feeds, which tend to get me up(!) and for the past month or so, Hunter has been waking up the whole house with dreams and sleep-talking.  There’s also been lots of dreaming going on over here – which keeps me up on pinterest and houzz much much, did I mention much? too late.  We have an opportunity to possibly renovate our kitchen (EEEEEP!!) and I am loving all the ideas way. too. much.  We probably won’t be living in this house forever, but we can still have a test-run-dream-house-kitchen, right?!  Speaking of which, like I previously mentioned, we’ve also been looking at some acreages too – hello excuse number two to be getting ideas off of pinterest.  Getting sleep is clearly important … so important.  I’m shaking my head as I admit how late I can up sometimes and knowing I have to be up only a few short hours after.  But being inspired and having red nails is also important, right?!

It’s the little things sometimes that keep us from sleeping and give us the most inspiration.  Why is that?  The smallest of gestures can fuel us for the day – paying it forward buying the person behind you a coffee, a light conversation with the girl at the till, a thank you wave when someone lets you into their lane while driving – or keep us me up at night!  Or the smallest bit of spice (cloves, mustard, salt, cayenne, etc.) can make or break the flavour of a meal.

Little is significant.

Even if I get to spend only 5 minutes alone with each of my boys, it makes a difference in our relationship and how they respond to me that day.  Taking a few minutes, even when it feels like there is no time to spare, to communicate with Matt about how I love and appreciate him can make the world of a difference.  A 10 minute phone-call to my grandmas makes their days.  A wave or a small conversation with the neighbours creates foundations for future friendships.  Growing up, when it came to opening gifts, we were all (almost more) excited to open our stockings because of the little thoughtful treasures my mom had been collecting throughout the year.

We’ve heard it all, “Less is more,”, “Big things come in small packages…” … yet, we I still tend to want big.  And though, I like to usually have a big picture perspective (when it comes to life and my current circumstance – good or bad), lately its done me good to remember the small scale.

“Many people lose the small joys in the hope for the big happiness.” – Pearl S. Buck

For you, if it’s red nails or writing a thoughtful note/email or enjoying a bite of chocolate after every meal, I hope you are finding joy in those small smiling moments.

pic pix: a little work buddy (in the wee hours of the morning), 12.Dec.2015, at home

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