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PINSomedays are a lot easier than others.  Today, was not in the category of such.  We got a stomach bug which isn’t/wasn’t too too bad, but the boys were definitely not themselves today.  The snow was blowing and our house was a tad cold for just a t-shirt on, you needed to layer up.  It was a busy yet lazy day for me.  Three dishwasher loads (and still not a perfectly clean kitchen – never really is!), 6 loads of laundry, payroll completed for our 18 employees, and three of the cutest little men fed, cleaned and full of energy by bed time.

When you get to the end of a day like today, I feel like, yea, I got some stuff done but it isn’t that rewarding “I got stuff done” kind of day.  Having a day where we don’t go out or talk to other individuals can make you appreciate your family more or make you realize how driven up the wall you are with the constant connectivity!  Regardless of how “off” it may have felt or different it was compared to a normal productive day, drawing near the end of it, you just gotta love the moments that DID happen that WERE great.  And be super thankful that the happiness of life is not measured off of one day.

Because it was bitterly cold, we snuggled in my bed to watch Frozen right after breakfast (and I was able to nap after a long night of no sleep!).  Taking the time to nurse throughout the day forces me to slow down and talk more with the boys or read another book.  Meals were so easy (as they really weren’t eating anything).  Homemade pinterest play dough wa a complete bomb, but I really shouldn’t have tried to make my own natural dye instead of just using food colouring(!).  Midday naps and baths were part of the schedule and were great.  Pizza making right after rest time to welcome home a cold, tired out Papa.

Maybe it wasn’t a typical day that would be picturesque in the books, but typical is not how we do things, right?!  Not once did I take my camera out today, but yesterday (Wednesday) I did and here are a few from the reel …PINPINPINPINPINPIN

pic pix: a wednesday in pictures, 06.Jan.2016, at and around home

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