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colorboard / no.42

PINcolor: white, mint green, rust, wine, browns and all the rest

word of inspiration: current state

source of word:  I’d have to say, that if I were to give a color palette for what this season/current state of life exudes, it would have to be this combo.  I’m drawn to each of these colors together and separately.  It’s inspiring (I seriously am inspired to paint some walls when I look at this combo), familiar – thus comfortable, fresh, a bit of new and old world colliding, tasteful … ahhh, all the happy things on this board and the many more that couldn’t all fit!  In terms of color (and many other things), this is a good season!!

/1. this room gives me all sorts of inspiration  /2. i like these whales a whole lot  /3. this humble hilo backpack has been on my radar lately – in love with it (i mean, it even has stroller straps included!)  /4. israel is getting this!  /5. i must have an obsession with watches  /6. clutches/satchels/mini bags same difference and this one (though sold out) is beautiful  /7. with knitting the thing these days, imagining all sorts of color combos and projects!  /8. this scene has me in a day-dream  /9. isn’t this custom picture my friend (of thicket grove designs) did for israel simply beautiful?!  /10. this headband tho?!  also, i like this all the more because of her hair  /11. bracelet love  /12. i love me a beetle print on my bag, not a beetle on my bag

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  • March 22, 2017 - 9:03 am

    colorboard / no.46 » Sarah Nadine Blog - […] needed in my life  /11. would like a pair of these plushy blushies for my studio  /12. a couple colorboards back, i highlighted the bison blanket (which we now have) from this company.  my latest obsession? […]ReplyCancel

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