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hello, sublime week.

PINI’ve just got this feeling … this week is going to be good one!  No signs of sickness, we’re pretty much caught up on the back-log of schedule/appointments, temperatures each day are forecasted to have highs around zero degrees celsius.  It HAS to be good!

On the horizon:

. i’ve been looking for a used wooden play kitchen (wish we could afford this!) since before Hunter’s birthday and can’t seem to find one on kijiji, without it being hundreds, yes i said hundreds, out of our budget.  again, keeping my fingers crossed to find something this week or that Matt would magically have the time to make them!

. one dinner this week, it’s going to be crostini night.  going off some of these toast ideas.

. i actually won a few things on IG over Christmas (crazy!) … can’t wait to get them! 1 | 2 | 3

. drink more water!  this is always easier said than done for me, might try some ideas like my IG friend.

. trying to brainstorm some cool DIY gifts for some new babies ready to join us … if i was better at knitting (not sure if i’m “there” yet), i might attempt making something.  for sure i’ll be getting some of these ready, tho.

. sorting Israel’s clothes AGAIN!  he’s wearing 9mos stuff right now (already, what?!), got to put away all the 3-6mos stuff

. meeting some friends at a play place this week.

. listening to this song on repeat.

. not sure what we’ll do for our family night activity/adventure.  last saturday night’s swimming at the wave pool was a hit!

. LAUNDRY – because that will be never-ending every week.

. going to see the “Sisters” movie with my sister.  we have not seen a movie together in who knows how long!

. figure out what is in the Starbucks ‘holiday spice flat white’.  i’m finding because we are getting farther away from the “holidays”, less and less Starbucks will make them.  if anyone knows, PLEASE TELL ME as they are quite delicious!!


I think that’s it (for now!).  Anything interesting going on in your neck of the woods?!

pic pix: a few mornings ago when the sky was a cotton candy dream, Jan.2016, at home

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