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scaling back.

The journey of living with less is going to be a continual and constant effort to keep in check.  Before Christmas, I got rid of 2 garbage bags of the kids’ toys and shifted some toys out of the regular mix to rotate in every once in a while.  Here we are, just over a month later, and I think I am ready to do it again.  It’s not just toys, it’s furniture, clothes, STUFF.  How have we gotten so much stuff??

simple suppers.

I’ve been trying to keep meals for supper quick, easy and still delicious.  Sometimes, it’s so easy to get into a rut and make the same formula of things and press REPEAT.  I made, what I call, a “crostini supper” or “toast supper” the other night.  I enjoyed the preparing process, it was an easy clean up and actually took less time than other meals (even with all the variety).  Some of the combos pictured were: whipped feta/basil/tomato, avocado/bacon, sloppy joe sliders, tuna/parsley/pickles, pesto/shrimp/peppers, salami/cucumbers/onions salsa.  So good!

on the mend.

Finally, I think we are on the upward graph in regards to health.  Hunter was sick again last week (poor lil dude) and it was not pretty or fun.  It seems hard to go through seeing your littles sick, but I know it’s nothing like having to watch your child fight something terminally.  Every time after I/we catch something, I am all the more grateful for health, my time, my life … it’s like a reset button.  My mind needs to again adjusted towards thankfulness, and we are forced to simply slow down with life – neither of which are bad things.

unintentional matching.

It seems, that when I am feeling a certain mood … we are all dressed in the same colors.  Sure we’re not always too keen on that (poor Isra’s face – not impressed mama was taking another picture!) but I secretly love it.  Especially since it is never on purpose!

mountain missing.

Clearly, having some not so well family members, we’ve not been doing any trips to our beloved mountains.  Not even drives.  We’ve made plans nearly every weekend to go, but driving when you’re sick or when you have sick kids is not the best option to choose.  When I look through pictures and see these majestic beauties, my heart nearly explodes with anticipation for our next visit.  I love where we live.


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  • February 3, 2016 - 3:57 pm

    Calista - It seems like it’s a constant battle for me to keep things simple as well. You are not alone! That crostini with the tuna and pickle on it looks amazing! I’ve been craving pickles recently and I think I’m going to have to do something about it!ReplyCancel

    • February 12, 2016 - 4:57 pm

      sarah nadine - simplicity isn’t simple in our day and age. i guess each era goes through it’s own challenge … this being ours. it’s hard to not get caught up in things when you are surrounded by it – constantly!

      hope you’ve been able to enjoy a crisp, crunchy pickle. my mouth is watering at the thought ????


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