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PINEspecially after a giving season, it’s a high priority to get my thank you cards written soon after.  Otherwise, the list and extra cards just end up sitting (sorry to those few individuals that never did get a thank you from our wedding *face palm*) and you wonder with guilt if you should still send them or not after 5 years(!).  When I was about 12 or 13, my Mom was watching Oprah and she had a guest on talking about gratitude.  What she said clearly impacted me because I really don’t remember any other episode of Oprah so vividly!!  Her guest shared that her kids were not able to use/play with any of their gifts until they wrote a thank you card.  When I heard that, I thought it was genius and exactly what I wanted to do upon receiving a gift.  I have since, tried to place a high value on properly saying thank you promptly after the gift is given.  Having kids, has thrown that off a bit (let this be a thank you note for your patience!), but I hope to incorporate this consistent practice into their lives (and mine again) so it becomes second nature and the art of card writing never dies.PINPIN

When it comes down to it, a simple, verbal thank you is definitely suffice.  BUT … along with so many other benefits, here are a few that I think give me reason enough to keep up writing them:

1. It creates true gratitude – When you sit down to write to someone else, you think hard about what and why you want to say thank you in the first place.

2. Handwriting is beneficial for your brain – Says so over here … !

3. Everyone loves receiving ‘happy’ mail – Even though most bills are paperless, it still seems a good portion of our mail is 1. bill related or 2. junk flyers.  If you’re like me, you’d like this happy mail subscription and more written letters from friends.

4. It cultivates thoughtful habit – If I can get my kids to start to realize at this age how important it is to communicate with the written word and then to stick with it, I think I’d be passing along a great habit.

5. Enhances creativity – First off, any writing challenges your brain to put things together differently.  And secondly … sometimes, when I don’t always have a cute thank you card on hand, it’s a perfect excuse to get the creative juices flowing and make one!


How do you do your thank you notes??

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pic pix: thank you notes late(!) but written nonetheless, Jan.2016, at home

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