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hello … it’s me.

PINLet me just start by saying, I love this song.  And seriously, hello and how are you??

Since the start of this year, it’s been a bit of struggle to get into our new groove, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still get there, right?!  It’s been a bit quiet over here after our month of sickness in January, a bout of mastitis, our littlest joey with a cold that won’t relent, a sweet trip up to Jasper and now … a mama with a broken foot.  Yup, you read that right b-r-Oken.  Oh the silly things that can and did happen *face palm*.

I literally started a post a day before my “trip up” saying how I was amazed how having the third child has really caused us to slow down.  Little did I know we could be forced to slow down all the more!  And sometimes, when you have to do something because you have no other choice, it becomes hard.  This season definitely points to that – no driving, a “little” sleep deprived, long and seemingly never-ending to-do lists, some post-pardum depression signs settling in … It becomes hard and for me, at least, and is an easy time to start feeling sorry for myself.

I was listening to a podcast the other day (pod casts are my JAM these days!), the neurosurgeon being interviewed said something that resonated with me … “Our emotional reaction to things isn’t because of our circumstances, it’s because of us.”  You mean, I can’t blame someone or something for how crummy I’ve been feeling about my current state?  It would be is so easy to feel justified for complaining when 1. we have a reason for feeling the way we do and 2. there is something to blame.

Then, the very next day at church, the speaker was encouraging everyone to dig deep and wake up to the reality that: if we are not training ourselves and get stuck in ruts of complaining and blaming, it is nobody’s fault but our own for not moving/improving/growing in our lives.  Anyone else sensing a repeated message here?

I’m so thankful there is a “BUT” to most things and sometimes, the unexpected turns in our journeys end up being the most beautiful and exactly what you need.  Minus the weekend, I’ve now been homebound since last Tuesday and it literally feels like a month(!) BUT, our house is clean and that folks, is a huge bonus/thumbs up feeling over here.  The boys are a bit stir crazy – understatement as we get out usually are on the road to something or somewhere a few days a week – BUT I’ve been able to actually play with boys for good portions of time as I now have to sit down for most of the day.  And those are just the first things that come to mind!  There is always a positive outlook … sometimes I just have to keep trekking on to get that vantage point.

So I’d encourage you, wherever you’re at today, at the nice outlook point or on the muddy path leading towards it, there is a vista up ahead.  You might as well enjoy the place you’re in and find a smaller scale view because I can guarantee there is even a smidgin of beauty – if you’re looking for it.  And the best part?  The view only gets better ahead.


pic pix: a gorgeous view on our ride up to Jasper, AB, Feb.2016, HWY AB-11 Alberta


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