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colorboard / no.43

PINcolor: fresh green, white with a splash of reclaimed grey wood

word of inspiration: samples of spring

source of word:  It’s been a beautiful winter, and now beautiful spring … I feel like we’ve had more than just samples of spring, we’ve had a gorgeous spring – full on!  When I see the word “spring” in my mind, I actually see a little lamb with a green wreath standing beside an old wood post.  white lamb.  fresh green wreath.  grey reclaimed wood post.  You see where I’m going with this …
/1. this green overcoat has my vote  /2. green sofa to be green with envy over  /3. i’d like this sign, please  /4. this necklace needs me  /5. ahhh, some fresh lily of the valley  /6. all about the bison these days  /7. retro bikes hold a special place in my heart  /8. foliage prints  /9. this. green. gem. ring.  /10. these high stools are something i could live with  /11. succulent goals
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