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five months.

PINSeriously, how can my wee babe already be FIVE MONTHS??  I get all choked up, thinking how quickly his first year is already going and at times, all I want to do is document it all – take video upon video, snap photo after photo, journal thoughts … then, I remember that I just need to enjoy the moments and live in them.  So, amidst the teary times, you can find me over here, drinking in this sweet boy.

It’s been a while since Mama let me talk over here, so some of these things may come as a shock to you.  For instance, how big I really am.  Though my age on paper says I’m five months old, my clothing age is telling me different.  My sleepers are 12 month old sleepers and Mama says that both my brothers were walking when they wore the clothes I am wearing now.  Either I really am big, or I am behind with walking (just kidding, I know it’s because I’m big!).

Speaking of jokes, my parents keep pointing out the fact that I’m a little jokester.  Ever since I could remember smiling (one week old), they remind me that I love to hear people laughing and smiles are pretty much contagious for me – if you smile, I’ll most likely smile back.  When we’re at the dinner table and I do something funny and make them laugh, I might be the guy that does that funny thing over and over not because it’s funny to me but because it makes them all laugh.  It’s fun to hear them enjoy me.

A few other tricks I’ve been enjoying lately … smacking my lips, grabbing hair and showing off my mega-grip hold, doing this squeal/scream thing when I get into my story-telling.  I love it when Papa and Mama talk to me and get excited about what they are talking about.  I sure as dickens don’t have a CLUE what they are saying, but I love to see them light up about what they are sharing.  Mama giggles when I try to mimic her, I think that’s a good thing.

I’ve been meaning to say, thank you, Papa & Mama, for that glorious jolly jumper.  Once that bad-boy comes out every day <insert Hallelujah chorus here>, you better believe I jump for joy!  That and every morning when Mama gives me my vitamin D.  MmmmmMmmmmMmmmmmm.  Yummy!  In the last month, I’ve also been so lucky as to try some soup broth and knaw on fresh veggies and apple.  Am I EVER a spoiled little dude … don’t tell them I said that though!

Some of the most common names I hear are: Isra-bean, Bubby-bear, Sweet love, Is-Ry-O according to my big bro Hunter, Isa.  Because of my dark patch of hair on the back of my head, I’ve gotten a couple more nicknames that have stuck too: Patches, Apache.  Those terms of endearment sure do make me feel loved.

My two best buds make me so happy to do life with.  Their names are Judah and Hunter and they really are the coolest older brothers a guy could ask for/want.  Judah takes his role as big brother really seriously, and he’s always looking out for me.  Hunter also watches out for me but he finds ways to play with me all the time.  And whatever he does, it usually makes me laugh.  I could not have more perfect sibling than those two.

Not really what sure this next month holds for me, but I am so excited to experience it – whatEVER it may be!


pic pix: Isra’s 5 month pictures, March.2016, at home

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