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Monthly Archives: April 2016

happy weekend.

This is such a great visual to remind me to breath. No weekend plans?  Need something for mother’s day?  Look no further than here.  Or maybe here. Once peaches are back in season, gotta try

overheard / 5

For a while, I was able to keep up with writing down every cute little thing the boys were saying.  I got to posting a few conversations but that didn’t really go places (hence the no.5 for

our [lately] in pictures.

Lately, it’s been quiet here, but pretty loud in our day-to-day life.  Firstly, since having the freedom to drive, we’ve been getting OUT to say the very least!  Additionally, as I

porch inspiration.

We are STILL waiting to hear if we got the acreage we keep dreaming about.  It’s a judicial sale, so we need to wait until the offer makes itself to court.  In the meantime, seeing as all other

what march taught me.

1. I LOVE the show Fixer Upper like nobody’s business.  There, I said it. 2. Being able to drive is a privilege I never want to take for granted.  Not driving for 6 weeks reminds you of

hello, hockey week.

Besides last night, every evening this week consists of hockey (of sorts).  Matt is in 2 tournaments until Sunday and there’s also a Flames game he is going to one of the nights.  I feel a bit