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PINFor a while, I was able to keep up with writing down every cute little thing the boys were saying.  I got to posting a few conversations but that didn’t really go places (hence the no.5 for this post!).  So here, instead, I share with you a kit and caboodle of conversations had and overheard.

.Mom, the whiny stuff is trying to come down (referring to tears) – (J)

.The GPS says “Glenmore Trail SW”… Hunter says, “Tale tale.” Judah corrects him saying, “No no, Hunty.  Northtrail Sport West”

.When asked what to name the new baby: Baby Jofez (I’m assuming Joseph?!) (J)

.After Matt’s dad (Pepe) had to put the dog named Mo-Jo down, when asked what happened to the dog, Judah replies, “Pepe killed Mo-jo … just a little bit.”

.What should we call the baby? Judah answers, “Mo-jo.”

.What are the fishes names? Judah, “Franston & Noah.”  And after thinking a bit more, “And ‘Blue-Red-Light.”

.Tim-portance aka Tim Hortons (J + H)

.Judah says, “Oh shucks.” Matt asks, “Why did you say that Judah?” “That’s what we say when we forget things and I forgot my flashlight at home.”

.“Where my nubby boots?” aka rubber boots (H)

.”Hey Hunt, whatcha going to do with all that money?” “It’s too dangerous.” (H)

.Just like Matt has employees, Judah and Hunter both have their own set of “guys” (i.e, Matt has a real Bobby, Judah has a fictitious Bobby, Hunter has a fictitious Bobby, etc).  The other day, Judah is sad and says, “I’m sad, all my guys are working in Ontario.” I say, “Why are you sad?” He answers, “They don’t want me around any more”.  Trying to make him feel better I suggest, “Well, why don’t you hire a new guy, like … Simon.”  He replies, “No mom.  That’s not a real person in Canada.”

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