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look for the light.

PIN“You’re a fountain of cascading light, and you open our eyes to light.” – Psalm 36:9

It was during our swine flue battle(!) the other month that we were on a serious Netflix binge.  For not being avid t.v. watchers, you would not have known that week!  We discovered shows on there that we never knew existed … man, there are a lot of flops out there!  Anyways, the long in short, we found The Land Before Time: Journey of the Brave on there one morning for the kids to watch while we dozed in and out.

At one of the points I woke up, it was the part when the dinosaur, Littlefoot, was afraid in a dark cave and was fearing the black unknown.  An older dinosaur that he just met broke into song (I think it was Reba Mcentire!), and started singing about not looking into the darkness, but always looking for the light.  In my very fuzzy state, I had a revelation.  I need to look for the light.  It seems so cliché to say, yet the amount of times I don’t “look to the light” got highLIGHTed to me in that moment.

I have always, prided myself in being a positive person.  When the atmosphere is depressing, I feel like I go into overdrive to get everyone in the room in a cheerier state.  It’s not something I ever intend to do, but it’s an innate habit.  Yet, the morning I heard this batty-looking dinosaur sing about ‘looking to the light‘ was the morning I thought I was encouraging myself by saying things like, “You may be sick, but it could be worse … it could be terminal” or “Instead of a broken foot, I could’ve broken my neck and been paralyzed” or “Even though breastfeeding is hard right now, at least I can breastfeed my baby“.  Not anything was quote *wrong* with my thinking, but in trying to stay positive I was still ending on a negative note (if that makes any sense).  Instead of actually looking to the light or having a completely positive perspective, it was too easy to have an it-could-be-worse mentality.  In a sense, even though trying to be “up”, I was still being a downer.

Just this past Sunday, our pastor talked about how the moon is not a source of light but rather is an object that reflects the light and allows us to see at night.  It’s like we associate the night with complete darkness don’t give due credit to the moon for it’s reflection of the sun’s light.  Like when we look to situations or circumstances around us and only pick out the darkness in it or, like mentioned earlier, the negative in things.

It’s never hit me this way before and it’s very possible that I may still ‘worse case scenario’ things, BUT … I am going to look to the Source for any bit of light.  Exit conversations with comments not forecasted to the shadows but rather the highlights.  When scanning a dark room, attract myself to light so that I too can become a reflection.  Look for the light.


pic pix: boys winter playground reflection, winter 2014, a Deer Run community park, Calgary

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