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preschool the other month.

PINI’ve come to realize that 1. planning preschool months and 2. posting ‘preschool months’ are A LOT more time consuming than I first thought.  Initially, I imagined a monthly post do-able, but … we’ll, we all saw how that worked out(!).

For our learning times in November, we did an all transportation theme.  Oh the places we could go with all the resources out there (did you pick up that pun?!).  It wasn’t hard to find things … it was actually challenging to pare it down to only a few activities per subject!  At least I know when we re-visit this topic, there are an endless amount of things to do!PINPINPINPINPINPINPIN

These are the subjects we covered with the correlated activities:

MATH :: dump truck counting game (i’d either put the number/the amount of blocks then he’d have to match accordingly); bus and airplane sequence game* who knew some cut-outs of paper could be so fun; color car match* different coloured construction papers to make a parking lot, boys had to match the hotwheels cars accordingly

LANGUAGE :: road designs* hotwheels cars follow the “road” patterns; matching sounds with pictures + clothes pins, all books: CARS/TRUCKS/PLANES/TRAINS/ETC*

SENSORIAL :: jobsite bin [dry beans, dry pasta, dump trucks, tools]*, jenga + elastic band stem exercise, invitation to play- railroad track play dough [pumpkin pie spice + brown play dough, cloves, cinnamon sticks]

PRACTICAL LIFE :: coin sorting ($.01, $.05, $.10, $.25), magnifying the construction vehicle, car washing station*

SCIENCE & CULTURE :: tinfoil boats [add objects to see what will float in them or make them sink]*, we got the coolest little magnets and balls and the boys love building with them; mini car build kit

ART & MUSIC :: cutting and pasting construction vehicles; songs involving buses/trains/cars/trucks*

*not pictured above

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