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checking in as i’ve been checked out.

PINI think every time I will face a busy season, I’ll most likely declare that “this one is the busiest YET!”.  No matter how I’ve tried to simplify/streamline, like most definitions of a busy season, everything happens at once!  Here’s a glimpse into what’s been going on over here …

. Travelled to California twice last month – Again, you never plan these trips to happen like this … it just kind of happened!  I went down to Long Beach, CA for the Wild + Free conference where I met a sweet bunch of mamas all looking to raise their kiddos to be, yup, wild + free.  I learnt so much from daily rhythms to opinions and gained more confidence in my own convictions for educating our boys.  We’re not 100% sure it’ll be by homeschooling (though I’m hoping it will be!), but whatever road we end up taking, making a list of things to back up why we want to educate our kids the way we feel led to has been the source of some great foundational “parenting” things.  I’m super excited to see where we kick off our journey when we start school next fall!!  At the conference, I was able to meet some IG/blogging friends that have been so key in encouraging me to be a better mama, wife, woman … hoping to get to see them again one day.  It was also pretty special that weekend, as my mom flew down to be with Israel during the sessions.  The times we get to spend alone these days are far and few between.  I’ll so cherish that weekend we got to spend together.

The second trip to California was to Palm Springs to visit my parents and siblings who were already hanging out there for a few weeks(+).  And it. was. HOT!  It was also fun, and a much needed break from the busy-ness here.  The boys were getting so brave in the pool (Hunter especially) and it tore me to take them away from the accessibility of the outdoor pool!  Hoping that confidence sticks when we try another pool or when we go to the lake.

. WE BOUGHT AN ACREAGE!! – Ok, now this is crazy … crazy exciting, crazy CRAZY as we’ll be moving June 22!  There’s a long story into how we got it and the whole process (maybe another blog post some day!), but the long in short – it’s ours!  It is a 5 acre parcel with trees, mountain view, wrap around porch, little wood burning stove to name a few characteristics … gaaahhhh!  And if you were worried, you needn’t be – there will not be a lack of pictures posted!  It feels like a dream is coming true as we had some of those items on our “dream property” list.  Words really cannot describe my excitement and joy!  I just wish the moving part could be skipped and we could magically be there, waking up for breakfast tomorrow morning.  Sigh.  Packing doesn’t seem like the hard part … just the UN-packing *face palm*.  My sister-in-law has moved so many times in the last decade.  Fawne, I just don’t know how you’ve done it!  Even though we last moved 3 years ago, in a lot of ways it feels like just yesterday.  Minus the fact that I only had one baby out to chase around instead of three(!).  It’s all going to be worth it in the end, just busy right now.

. Added a new member to our Sawback clan – As some of you may/may not have known, since the start of our company – Sawback Builders – in 2011, I’ve been overseeing all administration/payroll/bookkeeping duties.  That and taking care of our three munchkins has definitely kicked my butt (especially for the times when taxes have been due, etc. hello all-nighters) yet given me insight how/how not to start things without the correct system(s) in place.  So far, during training, there have been moments of me swallowing my pride, but also moments I am swelling with pride.  Lots of emotions over here in this area (maybe another blog post? Ha!).  And paper.  LOTS of paper.

. Camping season!  Last weekend, we took our little home on wheels (aka the tent trailer) out for the first camping trip of the season!  I was so very excited and now glad we had the chance to unwind with our family and special friends that joined us.  I imagine we’ll have a few camp-outs in our own backyard this summer, but what better way to kick off the camping fun this year out with a big gang?!

. Teething/no sleep – My easy little sleeper has been not so docile when it comes to getting his shut-eye.  Only for the past few weeks – I now go by the nickname “Coon Mama” for the black raccoon eyes going on over here.  While I have that ailment, Isra’s now sporting two of the cutest chicklets coming from the bottom row in his mouth.  I’m sure if you were to ask Matt, he’d say the same, that because of my lack of sleep … I get so much more emotional!  To see teeth in his mouth has definitely caused me a tear or two lately.

. Judah turns 4 – What?  Where did the time go?!  Seriously, my baby is no longer a baby.  I may be crying at the moment, but within the “sadness” is great pride and astonishment of who this little man is growing into.  Not sure why this number is hitting me so emotionally (let’s face it, every number will do this to me!), except for the fact that he is not so little anymore.  Time is a crazy thing.

. Bathroom reno – Yes, you read that right.  We decided there wasn’t enough on our plate so why not start a home renovation project?  If we were going to sell/rent our current house, the one bathroom needed a bit of TLC before we could pass it off to the next inhabitants so blood, sweat and tears is what we gave it.  We are nearing completion(!), and so far, I just love how it has turned out!  Let’s just say grey, white, subway tile, hexagon tiled floor to give you a taste of the project *almost* done.

So, if you need to find me, I will be over here packing and purging (amongst these other things!).  I just wanted to check in to say that 1. I AM still breathing and 2. WILL be coming back here more regularly soon!  There is just a full plate in front of me at the moment – “understatement of the year” – but this space will always be part of that plate, no matter how full!

Sending love to you this June day … bisous xo


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  • June 15, 2016 - 2:37 pm

    Calista Moran - Yay! I am so excited for you and your move to your acres! Woohooo!!!!! We’ve often dreamed of something similar and hope to see that dream come to fruition someday. I can’t wait to see pictures!ReplyCancel

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