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color: black, white, cream, au naturel

word of inspiration: home, comfort

source of word:  With the new move, you might say that I’ve been daydreaming a little bit in regards to how to make our new house a home!  I never knew how much I LOVED whites until it came time to pick colors for our previous home.  With only a glance at my favorite images on Pinterest, it became quite evident to me how much I was drawn to white walls with wood, black, and other white accents (aka – love the Scandinavian look!).  That said, I am once again going to run along the themes of that palette to make our new home feel comfortable and like “us”.  Gah, you can’t beat this combination!
/1. buffalo plaid sheets, come to me  /2. can’t WAIT to get my hands on one of these  /3.  my friend makes these awesome bibs – perfect for your teething little one with such cute patterns!  /4. this local gal has some pretty cool stuff, including these “need to go in my hair” feather hair clips  /5. bangle love  /6. some office inspiro … had to take a double look as I own some similar items in this pic  /7. outfit goals  /8. nature’s inspiration  /9. fonts, fonts, fonts, how i love these fonts! p.s. her instagram feed is always inspiring  /10. summer essential slipper
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