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hello, slow-rhythmic week.

PINFor the first time in forever *cue Frozen soundtrack*, I am anticipating a week that might actually have a bit of a rhythm.  Since our new employee started and our crazy May was in effect, we have not experienced any bit of normalcy.  And quite frankly, it’s been missed.  I am a total fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of gal, but since becoming a mama I NEED (let me emphasize NEED!) a bit of routine to keep all parties happy.  Ok, myself especially!  Our Sawback lady has the week off, so we are intentionally trying to establish some of those rhythmic beats this week.  Wish us luck!

It’s the long weekend coming up here for us Canadians (or just Albertans?), so trying to let slowness be the tone that’s set til next week for sure.  Here’s a few ways how …

. Even years after owning Sprouts, I would make bread once a week.  Once I had Judah, all that stopped.  Tuesday is our new day for making bread (my tastebuds and belly are screaming “Hooray!”).  Eventually would love to try this bread recipe, but for now will stick to Gramma’s bread recipe (total side bar note: I’d love this recipe box).  Which reminds me, I gotta get some grain milled!

. The boys are all about dogs and wolves these days.  I guess one would call it “the rage”.  It all started when they saw Balto on netflix (now Hunter wants a white Husky dog!).  Two of Matt’s siblings got puppies in the last few months, and talk is, we may be getting one of our own soon too(!!).  Every bit of chore money is going towards this dog.  Anyways, along with reading this one as a family, we just started this book today (as Judah found it in the bookshelf and begged we read it!) and have read already 3 chapters … if you’re wondering what we are reading on the porch, you needn’t wonder any more.

. In love with these two oils right now 1 | 2 I’m diffusing/wearing/inhaling one or the other at all given times of the day.

. I need to organize lists of things on our “to-do” list that have been put off for too long (i.e. submitting health benefit receipts!).  It will then form into many more to-do lists, but I got to start picking away at it sometime, somehow.  This fancy shmancy journal would hold those lists nicely … and make me quite happy.

. Picking, picking, picking.  The berries and cherries need picking!  The saskatoons were early this year and some of them even have shrivelled up – sad story.  And the evan’s cherries are in their prime, so when we are not reading, you know where to find me *smile*.

. I’m hoping to get painting our office this week so I can then move the temporary office out of what I hope to be our “library” space … I’m being ambitious and hopeful but kind of need to get that done(!).

. Lusso is my Dad & brother’s Italian plaster business and I’ll be taking some product shots this week.  The wall work they do is pretty sweet … you should check out their IG page.

. Continually I am encouraged by this community, and have been yet again inspired by the Campfire bundle for this month.  Another thing worth checking out 🙂

. Hoping to get our own campfire on a couple times this week.  One day, I’d like to have baskets full of these blankets for around the fire.

. Oh, and I nearly forgot … I’ve got lots of laundry to do.  Nearly forgot, I wish!  Dreaming and keeping my fingers crossed we can have one of these set up soon!


Along with more chores, I hope to get some sleeps in there too(!!).  Hope you all have a wonderfully, normal week!


pic pix: some remaining birthday flowers, Jul.2016, at home


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