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colorboard / no.45

PINcolor: mint, wood, copper, blush, mahogany, sage, moss … all the muted colors!

word of inspiration: autumn

source of word:  It’s funny how pastel colors get highlighted in spring whereas for me, in autumn, I get all the muted feels.  Cozy colors that have me thinking of those cooler evenings and crispy, sunny days … mmmm, let this season never end!
/1.  eucalyptus greenery, year-round please  /2. Jude starts forest school on Monday, I feel like this book needs to be on my coffee table now  /3. fresh bag for this fresh season, why not?  /4. gah!  I love their stain glass pieces … got the bison one at home, now I just need this guy too(!)  /5. this turquoise and other muted colored prettiness, bridging summer and autumn quite nicely  /6. this jacket tho  /7. how cute is this little thing??  /8. I seem to love coffee all the more when I sip it out of this mug  /9. elegant journaling, for sure /10. maybe I could find something like these second hand somewhere – just love ’em  /11. copper + baskets = win win  /12. just saw this brand at a baby shower the other day … so so cute and SOFT!  /13. talk about inspiration, *heart eyes for days*
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  • March 19, 2017 - 1:33 pm

    martha - this board made me happy….such lovely colors…made me feel like spring and autumn combined lol. also, totally looked up what forest school is – and wish we had something like that where we live!!!!!!ReplyCancel

    • March 29, 2017 - 10:37 pm

      sarah nadine - colors – period – make me happy! glad this particular combination spoke to your heart 🙂

      and yes, forest school is a pretty awesome thing. i never thought we would do any type of preschool then this option presented itself and … i just wish they had a forest school day for mamas!! a day moms got to be outside all day! they also have a kindergarten and i am hoping (fingers crossed) that Judah’s first grade year will end up being the pilot year for first grade – we’ll see!

      thanks for stopping by and chiming in the conversation!

      bisous xoReplyCancel

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