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happy 1st birthday.

PINPINPINPINPINPINPINIsrael Rhodes … how did we get here so fast?  With your brothers, I felt like the first year flew by.  And now with you, it seems that time never stopped its momentum.  From the moment you were placed into my arms, I just knew you were going to be a comfort to our family.  Our clearing in the woods.  This past year revealed new things to all of us and the biggest part was how you were so perfectly made to be part of our little tribe.

The way you can go from serious, stoic face to giggling til I’m sure you are peeing your pants makes me laugh – all day, everyday!  You bring joy, the coziest snuggles, one of the keenest senses of adventure (and climbing!), strength and courage for such a young age, and a sensitivity to others that, I feel, is way beyond your years.  The way you have uniquely grown relationships with your brothers highlights such creativity in your love toward them – I cannot wait to hear you express your thoughts with more than hugs and open mouth kisses!  Every day, I thank God for blessing us with you, our sweet boy.  You are wonderfully and beautifully made and I absolutely love being your mama.  I love you very much, my little buffalo bean. xo


pic pix: Isra’s little birthday bash, 12.Oct.2016, at home

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