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hello, promise of a slow week.

PINI’m looking forward to this week as 1. we have no wild plans and 2. (because of reason number one)  we can just go with the wind!  I LOVE hosting and having set events, but there’s something so exciting when you can look at a week and there is promise of impromptu friend visits, surprise play times, and slower days because you have no where to be.  In the midst of our “no plan” week, I still have some things that would be nice to get to.  Like …

. Planting our garlic bulbs:  Matt did an incredible job of building some raised garden beds (for my *hopefully* beautiful companion gardens next year!) and I’d like to dedicate one of them for just garlic.  We eat a TON of it, and who knows how well it will take, but what harm is done when you just plant some, eh?

. Planning Hunter’s lil birthday brunch:  Mr. Hunter turns THREE in a week and a half … I shake my head in disbelief, how? how? how?  He is all about Batman these days and has requested black and yellow balloons.  I love how simple things can mean the most.

. Library visit: Since we’ve moved, our ritual library visits have had a sabbatical.  Hoping to get down to town to sign up for a library card sometime this week.

. Ladies night:  It’s been a while and it so happens that I have a massage booked right before we’re supposed to congregate.  The night couldn’t have worked itself out more perfectly.

. Self care:  Since our busy bout lately, not only have I gotten out of sleeping patterns (like staying up much too late), but also my work-out routine, and some self-care items.  One being, painting my nails.  I don’t always have it done but it feels nice and I feel more “feminine” when I do it.  Note to self, do before ladies night and after garlic is planted.

. Farm visit:  A nearby farm has a “Sunshine Adventure Park” that closes down for the season this week, so I’m thinking one last visit for the year is in order.  The boys have a BLAST there and I think we’re really going to miss it being open.  If you’re ever in the Calgary/Okotoks area, it’s a must to check out.

. Paint my front door:  I have a color picked out and purchased for the interior of my front door.  I just may attempt painting it this week … I’m tempted to stay up late tonight to do it (there go my sleeping plans!).

Whatever you may have on your agenda/plate to get done this week … enJOY every experience, deLIGHT in the unique way that life happens are you, aRISE to the challenge in distinguishing the beauty each waking moment brings.


pic pix: dewy grass, one October morning, at home

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