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what october taught me.

PINSo long, one of my favorite months.  October, you were splendid this year … showing off with your beautiful colors and wonderful weather.  Not a month goes by that I don’t learn something, and here are few of the ways I ‘gained’ this month.

1. It’s something I’ve read for years but just started to actually implement it this months.  Coconut oil in my coffee – read the benefits (hoping they are legit) – the newest thing.  Along with the coconut oil + coffee, I’ve learnt another coffee lovers trick, the dirty chai lattes *eyes roll back* so so good.

2. Got my glasses this month.  Totally realizing how little of details I have been taking in from afar.  Hello, world, in it’s clarified glory!

3. We could eat around 6 apples a day if they were here to eat.  That adds up to an approximate 42 apples a week.  Have you ever picked 42 apples at the grocery store?!  If you’re an apple eater, how many apples do you get for your household per person?

4. Something I never knew … mushrooms grow all throughout the year but are most plentiful in fall.  I’m  not at all comfortable picking and eating them wild, my knowledge is just not there, but we have had fun looking for them wherever we’ve ventured out this month.

5. I need to make my massages happen on a monthly basis.  Have to.  It had been too long since I had a massage.  Like a whole year too long.

6. Hosting/partially preparing (Canadian) Thanksgiving Dinner for a guest list of 60 looks more and more interesting as the years go by/the children are getting older.  Instead of a 2 day affair, like 10 years ago, it now takes the whole week to prep.

7. Should be a given, but I can’t always think the icing on a cake will look exactly like the pinterest picture.  Oh, and you should make it prior to having your guests over so you don’t run into having to make cups upon cups of icing for it to be thick enough.  Aka 1/2 way pinterest fail.  Pinterest | Mine (with my sister’s help!)

8. Magical Misty Mornings are up there in my top favorite things.  This month brought so much fog and it was a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

9. I quite look forward to the tid-bits of current news my husband shares with me each day.  I’ve never thought of myself as a ‘facts’ person, but those small quips spark conversation and thinking – good to keep me alert!

10. I’m seeing it more and more, that time truly is a thief.  It’s just starting to settle in … my baby is actually 1 year old.


pic pix: on a foggy drive, Oct.2016, 22x

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