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PINListen!  The wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves.  We have had our summer evenings, now for October [November] eves. – Humbert Wolfe

Seasons.  Oh, how I love the change in them.  Spring brings a freshness, a revitalizing to the earth we walk on, a clarity to the soul, and a promise that warmer days are coming.  Winter shows off crystallizing beauty, regals itself by forcing you to slow down to notice it, and brings out the warmth of layers and people’s hearts – especially around Christmas.  Summer is defined by some of the best food cook outs, the infinite sunlight that allows for the sweetest of gatherings and memories, and a big loud shout of FUN!  And Autumn, my beloved Autumn, you always outdo yourself with the way the sun almost gets to it’s brother winter’s lateral state (up here in Alberta, at least) and it is hot by 2 in the afternoon, yet the milder evening temperatures make for perfect fire gatherings.  The quizzical reality of it being ‘the start of the year’ (even though I haven’t been in school for years!) and the way that reality inspires a full throttled jump into projects and new/old things to get back into the groove of … Sigh, it’s probably just the perfect season.

Side note: I know not everyone will agree with me, but I actually love when we no longer are on daylight savings time.  The sun sets earlier, but the mornings are that much more glorious – and enjoyable.  It’s really the “springing” ahead that throws me off.  For me, “falling” back is definitely another plus to this autumn season.

At one point in my life, I was convinced that I wouldn’t live here in Canada.  But rather, I would live somewhere where it was hot year round and maybe I’d take up surfing and open or work a coffee shop and paint and write in my spare time.  It was during this time when I would loftily dream of these things that I DID travel and see many different cultures.  And as much as I loved going to different places (and would still like to continue to make my way through different countries and some repeats) it became very evident to me that I knew so little of my own backyard.  These other countries inspired me to learn more of my own, like in Australia, almost everyone I’d come in contact with knew their flora and fauna like it was their ABCs … in Ecuador, the locals wouldn’t just let you eat anywhere,  you had to go to the place where that food was originated/served the best … in Switzerland, not only was everyone bilingual (if not trilingual) but they also knew their town/cities’ in and out and could get you to places impossible for foreigners following a map … etc, etc.  If anything, I realized how much I wanted to know Canada, especially my province of Alberta.  I also realized (after travelling and missing almost an entire winter)  how much I loved the change that each season brought – the highlights that come with each part of the year.

He has made everything beautiful and appropriate in its time … Ecclesiates 3:11

I am just thankful that Autumn was on God’s list of things to keep.  It seriously comes at the perfect time every year.

pic pix: the other morning (all photos unedited), 09.Nov.2016, at home

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